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By Lois N. Magner

I skimmed this e-book for heritage details, and was once inspired that Magner's didn't interpret and choose historical background on a latest technology foundation, yet relatively awarded and evaluated each one scientist as he handled the knowledge he had, answering the questions offered to him by way of the tradition within which he lived. Magner additionally did rather well explaining clinical principles to me -- a just a little scientifically informed, yet non-science significant.

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Very often all that is known of his predecessors comes from Aristotle's comments about them. Aristotle's work falls into four major divisions: physics, ethics and politics, logic and metaphysics, and biology. It was Aristotle who formalized the earth-centered, closed, finite universe that dominated Western thought until the time of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543). In clarifying difficult aspects of his views on ethics and politics, nature and society, Aristotle often used biological examples and analogies.

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Whether or not the first atomic theorists thought that weight was a primary characteristic of atoms is unclear. Compound bodies, on the other hand, were divisible because of the void between their constituent atoms. The number of shapes atoms could assume was probably infinite because there was no reason that any atom should be of one shape rather than another. From the void and the atoms, Democritus believed that innumerable worlds came into existence through mechanical means. Some of these worlds had no sun and moon; in others there were suns and moons more numerous or larger than in our world.

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