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Thus, the processes acting upon sensory information prior to the logogen system are described as "precategorical". If readout time is the crucial factor influenced by the suffix, then delaying the presentation of the suffix should have a diminished effect upon masking of the final item, because this would leave a longer duration for processing the final item into categorical memory. This was the pre- 28 A ttention and Memory Acoustic analysis ond PAS Contextual system (long term storage) Logogen system (word recognition) Response buffer Fig.

Thus, the Unguistic content of the suffix is irrelevant to its effect; the single quality of being a speech sound appears to be sufficient to displace the PAS traces of the recall items in the final serial positions. There are two of the major lines of research which have been used to describe the effects of the suffix stimulus - the establishment of the nonlinguistic and of the acoustic nature of the effect. That the effect of the suffix is independent of its meaning is also shown a number of times in a huge experimental paper by Morton, Crowder and Prussin (1971).

This speech sound was the "zero" used in the second condition removed from the tape and spliced back upside down. This ensured that the suffix had all the qualities of speech, but none of the qualities of language; it was a meaningless noise. The results of this experiment are shown in Fig. 14, where recall of the normal suffix lists is seen to differ considerably from recall of the control lists, and recall of the reversed speech suffix is statistically indistinguishable from the 30 Attention and Memory 6 0 0 h 4 0 0 k Control (no suffix) 2 0 0 h Serial position Fig.

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