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By Valentin Bogdanov

Chess defined books supply an knowing of a gap and the middlegames to which it leads, permitting you in finding the ideal strikes and plans on your personal video games. it truly is as though you have been sitting on the board with a chess trainer answering your questions about the plans for each side, the tips at the back of specific strikes, and what particular wisdom you must have.The Gr?nfeld Defence is without doubt one of the so much competitive openings at Black's disposal. He creates rapid imbalance and plans to strike at White's centre with all to be had assets. An insipid reaction from White would possibly not even hold equality, so by and large strains he's taking up the gauntlet: he creates a wide pawn-centre and places this to take advantage of to release an assault. whereas the speculation of those strains has been generally constructed, there's a coherent logical thread operating via them: the Gr?nfeld is basically a gap of grand rules, which must be understood good so one can become familiar with the speculation and deal with the ensuing positions. This booklet presents a dialogue of all significant strains, and a distinct contribution from Viacheslav Eingorn at the key rules of the Rb1 alternate major line, which he used to be instrumental in constructing within the Seventies and Nineteen Eighties.

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E6. b2) 15 'ii'a4 is the main continuation. Now the bishop can return to its base by 1 5 ... :fd l , when White's powerful central forma­ tion and Black's difficulties with the return of the aS-knight compensate for the missing pawn, but not more than that. Leaving the bishop be­ hind the enemy lines for diversion purposes is an interesting idea as well: 15 ... tb3 (a move popularized by Anand) 1 6 'ii'b4 b6. White's pieces are placed quite actively, but Black doesn't merely have an extra pawn, but his majority has CHESS EXPLAINED: THE GRONFELD 46 now been transformed into a pair of passed pawns.

After 26 h5, Black must take into account various versions of the sacrifice on g6, as well ••• w ••• 15 'iVb4 CLASSICAL EXCHANGE VARIATION: WHITE PLAYS ti:'Je2 as the constant threat of h6. However, White stops halfway through and falls for another idea. id2?! •. w 29 d5? Spectacular yet bad. During the last few moves Black has noticeably improved the cen­ tralization of his forces, so there should be no reason for such a sharp action. xc4 dxe4? A gift in return. The bishop, capable of clear­ ing the e-pawn's path, seemed the more danger­ ous combat unit; however, the refutation lies in 30...

Then the attempt to reinforce the d-pawn by c4 renders White's own bishop too passive, and ... e5 with the idea of blockade becomes an attractive option. However, if White ends up re­ capturing with his bishop on d5, he will find the extra support provided by the c4-pawn quite handy. e6 aggravates this weakness further still, so he must constantly watch out for the h4-h5 at­ tack. 9 0-0 Also seen is 9 ... 'ifa5, trying to organize some action on the queenside, but then the queen is farther away from the king, and Black is left with fewer defensive resources on the other side of the board.

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