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Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–10): J.R. Vane
Chapter 2 Ultrastructural association of the Alveolar?Capillary Unit (pages 11–36): Maya Simionescu
Chapter three Hypoxia and Pulmonary Vascular Endothelium (pages 37–60): Lynne Reid and Barbara Meyrick
Chapter four equipment for the research of Lung Metabolism (pages 61–83): H.F. Woods, A. Meredith, G.T. Tucker and J.R. Shortland
Chapter five Substrate usage by means of the Lung (pages 85–104): H. Datta, W.A. Stubbs and K.C.M.M. Alberti
Chapter 6 Inactivation of Monoamines by means of the Lung (pages 105–128): M.B.H. Youdim, Y.S. Bakhle and R R. Ben?Harari
Chapter 7 The destiny of Circulating Biologically energetic Peptides within the Lungs (pages 129–145): Sergio H. Ferreira, Lewis J. Greene, Maria Cristina O. Salgado and E.M. Krieger
Chapter eight The Lung as a Generator of Prostacyclin (pages 147–164): R.J. Gryglewski
Chapter nine Interrelationships among Prostacyclin and Thromboxane A2 (pages 165–183): S. Moncada and J. R. Vane
Chapter 10 law of Pulmonary Arachidonic acid Metabolism via Anti?Inflammatory Steroids (pages 185–201): R.J. Flower
Chapter eleven Slow?Reacting ingredients and Their Structural Elucidation (pages 203–215): Priscilla J. Piper, Marwa N. Samhoun, J. R. Tippins, H. R. Morris and G. W. Taylor
Chapter 12 The Lung relating to Vasoactive Polypeptides (pages 217–237): Sami I. stated, Viktor Mutt and Ervin G. Erdos
Chapter thirteen Endocrine affects on points of Lung Biochemistry (pages 239–250): Walter okay. Morishige
Chapter 14 Hormonal impacts in the course of Fetal Lung improvement (pages 251–274): Philip L. Ballard
Chapter 15 Pulmonary Angiotensin?Converting Enzyme and Its Inhibition: A historic Survey (pages 275–292): Y. S. Bakhle
Chapter sixteen Modulation of changing Enzyme task by means of Hypoxia and Its Physiological results (pages 293–311): S. Alex Stalcup, Joel S. Lipset and Robert B. Mellins
Chapter 17 Non?Respiratory services of the Lung within the Perinatal interval (pages 313–331): Robert B. Mellins, Dennis Davidson and S. Alex Stalcup
Chapter 18 Prostaglandin Receptors within the airlines (pages 333–350): H. O. J. Collier and P. J. Gardiner
Chapter 19 The Lung, Whole?Body Metabolism and ailment (pages 351–386): W. A. Stubbs and ok. G. M. M. Alberti

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J Cell Biol 64:5 86-607 Smith FB, Kikkawa Y 1979 The type I 1 epithelial cells of the lung. V. Synthesis of phosphatidyl glycerol in isolated type I 1 cells and pulmonary alveolar macrophages. Lab Invest 2:172-I77 ALVEOLAR-CAPILLARY UNIT 27 Taylor L, Polgar P , McAtter JA, Douglas W H J 1979 Prostaglandin production by type 11 alveolar epithelial cells. Biochim Biophys Acta 572502-509 Weibel ER, Bachofen H 1979 Structural design of the alveolar septum and fluid exchange. In: Fishman AP, Renkin EM (eds) Pulmonary edema 1979.

In all the cells of the pre-acinar muscular arteries, whether endothelial, muscle or fibroblast, the hypertrophy affects the organelles responsible for protein synthesis: ribosomes, rough endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus. In the muscle cell the myofilament concentration is in normal proportion for the increased cell size. With recovery, in the intima of the pre-acinar muscular artery, the endothelial cell returns to normal thickness and basement membrane re-forms in about 14 days (B. Meyrick, unpublished observation); but not all changes are those of regression.

AIberti: If we want to look at isolated cells it would be helpful to study a cell type that has some numerical relevance in the organ. 5%. This would not apply to aspects such as vasoact ivi t y , obviously. Vane: Dr Simionescu pointed out that there are about 40 different cell types in the lung; can we specify some of these? Reid: Concentrating first on the fixed cells, and starting with the alveolus, there are three pneumonocytes. Types I and I1 are familiar. Dr Meyrick has identified a third type in the rat, making up about 2-5% of the alveolar epithelial cells, depending on the strain (Meyrick & Reid 1968).

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