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Okay, guys, here's your chance. " The man sits with his legs straight in front of him. Ladies, you're going to sit in the man's lap facing the same direction your partner is facing. Using one hand to guide his penis, position yourself so that when you sit down, his penis slides smoothly into your vagina. Spread your legs wide open in front of you. Not only will this feel comfortable, it also gives the man direct access to your clitoris. Guys, reach around your partner to manually stimulate her.

The reason your legs are over the side of the bed is so that your feet can reach the floor and you can use your legs to help with the thrusting. Ladies, have the fire extinguisher ready because in this position, you get to turn up the heat by massaging your man's testicles! Sit on top, facing the man's feet with your legs by the man's hips. Your legs should be completely bent at the knees. Reach down between the man's legs and gently grab his testicles. Rub them around between your fingers while massaging them.

Rub them around between your fingers while massaging them. Lightly squeeze them, keeping tempo with his thrusting. You'll be able to tell by his reaction which techniques he likes best. This is also a great position for masturbating. But you need to start pretty early because with you setting his balls on fire, your man won't last long! Hanging Out in the Hammock A lazy afternoon, a secluded hammock, and an irresistible urge. And now, a great position fur swinging in the hammock! If your hammock is out in the open and you feel a little daring, stay dressed.

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