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Background [also see "Teacher's Guide" Pages 1, 4-9, photo on 15, 16 and "About the Lunar Sample Disk" on Page iv] The six Apollo missions that landed astronauts on the Moon returned a collection of rocks and sediment samples weighing 382 kilograms and consisting of more than 2,000 separate samples. Each lunar disk contains six small samples of lunar material. Descriptions of the samples accompany every disk; included are annotated color photographs, discussion of origins, and Apollo missions and collection sites.

If the distance to the Moon from Earth is 382,500 km, then how far apart must you separate the two scale models to accurately depict the Earth/Moon system? Using the scale value in the box from Step 7, the model separation in centimeters (x) is derived: x = actual distance to the Moon in kilometers scale value in kilometers x = x = centimeters The two scale models must be separated by meters. 9. Set up your scale model of the Earth/Moon system. Does it fit in your classroom? 28 Exploring the Moon -- A Teacher's Guide with Activities, NASA EG-1997-10-116-HQ Teacher Page Diameter of the Moon Purpose To calculate the diameter of the Moon using proportions.

3. Why were there no further Apollo Moon landings? 4. Was Apollo the only program to land on the Moon? Discuss the unpiloted American and Soviet missions and landings. Exploring the Moon -- A Teacher's Guide with Activities, NASA EG-1997-10-116-HQ 43 Dec. 11, 1972 17 April 21, 1972 16 July 30, 1971 15 Jan. 31, 1971 14 Nov. 19, 1969 12 July 20, 1969 11 Landing Date Apollo Mission Apollo Landing Sites Chart Longitude Latitude Major Geologic Features and Rock Types (rock types underlined are found in the Lunar Sample Disk) 23 oE 23 oW 17 oW 4 oE 16 oE 31 oE 1 oN 3 oS 3 oS 26 oN 9 oS 20 oN Mare (Sea of Tranquillity), basaltic lava.

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