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5 What nationality was the composer Franz Schubert? 6 Snake-necked and hawk’s bill are what kinds of creatures? 7 Which imaginary island was created by Sir Thomas More in 1516? 8 Which city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea was originally a Greek colony called Massilia? 9 What is the name of the flat circular disk of vulcanised rubber used in the game of ice hockey? 10 In Japan, what are Hokkaido, Shikoko and Kyushu? ANSWERS: 1 Chicago, 2 Genoa, 3 Darling, 4 A fairy drops down dead, 5 Austrian, 6 Turtles, 7 Utopia, 8 Marseilles, 9 Puck, 10 Islands.

4 Which Texas town was established in 1849 to protect settlers from attacks by the Comanche tribe? 5 MB is the abbreviation of which Canadian province? 6 What is the average gestation period of a lion: 15 weeks or 26 weeks? 7 Who penned the poem The Village Blacksmith? 8 In which European capital city is the grave of the Doors singer Jim Morrison? 9 Which Four Weddings and a Funeral star played Clive Durham in the 1987 film Maurice? 10 What is the correct form of spoken address to a pope? ANSWERS: 1 Kappa, 2 Compact Disk Read Only Memory, 3 Quarternary, 4 Fort Worth, 5 Manitoba, 6 15 weeks, 7 Longfellow, 8 Paris, 9 Hugh Grant, 10 Your Holiness.

5 Who played Norm Paterson in Cheers? 6 What type of bird is a broad-breasted bronze? 7 Which English queen is reputed to have had an extra finger on one of her hands? 8 In which part of the human body is the masseter muscle? 9 Which great historic general and adventurer rode a horse called Bucephalus? 10 What is the name of the very spicy Italian sausage eaten hot or cold? ANSWERS: 1 Three, 2 Bhutan, 3 Smallpox, 4 Finnish, 5 George Wendt, 6 Turkey, 7 Anne Boleyn, 8 The head (it is used for chewing), 9 Alexander the Great, 10 Pepperoni.

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