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By Cristopher Lampton

Offers directions for writing a working laptop or computer software for an experience online game utilizing uncomplicated

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For every additional ingredient poured into the barrel, the value of MX is increased by 1. When it reaches 3, the player is transported to the magic land! The player may want to climb either the tree (at the edge of the forest, room 7) or the ladder (object #7). " The way to get to the top of the tree, of course, is to jump. Here is the JUMP routine: 4300 IF V$<> "JUM" THEN 4400 4310 IF R<>7 AND R<>8 THEN PRINT "WHEE! " : GOTO 100 4315 IF R=8 THEN 4350 4320 PRINT "YOU GRAB THE LOWEST BRANCH OF THE" 4330 PRINT "TREE AND PULL YOURSELF UP.

Each of these numbers should correspond to one of the six map directions-north, south, east, west, up, down-in that order. If you can't move in that direction from the room, write the number O. If you can move in that direction, write the number of the room that you will end up in. If you can normally move in that direction, but there is a special difficulty (such as a dragon blocking the way), use a number between 128 and 255. Since it is unlikely that you will ever have more than 127 rooms in a game, this number will not be mistaken for an ordinary room number.

Is printed. Notice, however, that there is a lot of blank space left in this routine, where you can add instructions of your own. Lines 2070 through 2380 are reserved for routines that check for unusual directions that the player can go, such as GO BUILDING or GO HOLE. There is one such direction in our adventure game: GO BOAT. We can add a short routine that checks for this command at line 2070, like this: 2070 IF N$="BOA" AND OB(11)=R+128 THEN R=13: GOTO 90 [41] The BOAT is considered by the program to be both an object and a room.

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