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By Philip Carter

Geared up into sections, and comprising a increasingly more hard array of puzzles and difficulties, it's going to provide all points of your intelligence a rigorous work out. in addition to providing verbal, numerical and spatial demanding situations, the booklet will attempt your powers of good judgment, lateral pondering, and correct vs. left mind hemispherical stability. functionality checks on the finish of every part will make it easier to computer screen your development.

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113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. Across: 1 Lever, 6 Oomph, 7 Knell, 8 Loose, 9 Sioux, 12 Rebel, 13 Genoa, 14 Yield. Down: 1 Lake, 2 Viewpoint, 3 Roll, 4 Immovable, 5 Shoe, 9 Sigh, 10 X-ray, 11 Glad. Remnant and residue. Refrigerator. N = Range, Snack, Gnash and Arena. Syoonyms: Replete and satiated, Antonym: Empty. Across: Unit and Visual. Down: Display. Hand over fist. Teach and train. They all can be converted into a new word wnh the addition of one letter at the front Emotion, gastrooomically, vindicate, treasonable, devolution or revolution, cleaner.

Thin red line. 3. Finnish 4. Ornamental. 5. Describe alld escribed. 6. Wish you were here. 7. World. 8. Municipal. 9. Past: the rest are all anagrams. 10. Cny: each letter has the same sound as the letters CIT Y in turn. 11. Candid and subtle. 12. Current. 13. Absolutely fabulous. 14. Blow hot aile:! cold. 15. i. Tanzania, Ii. Discus, iii. Shadrach, iv. Ermine, v. Larkspur, vi. Antelope. 16. Two sides to every story. 17. Feasible alld possible. 18. Tit for tat 19. Numb and sensitive. 20. Make. 21.

AIR TREE = Ernrea (a country). The capital cities are Valetta (LATE VAT), Nairobi (ROBINIA), Nicosia (IN CASIOj and Colombo (LOCO MOB). 22. Salubrious and healthy. 23. Two heads are better than one. 24. Across: 1 Bisect, 6 Ooze, 7 Slalom, 9 Enigmatic, 11 Trying, 12 Bake, 13 Normal. Down: 2 Inland, 3 Enlighten, 4 Tom Sawyer, 5 Let, 8 Vienna, 10 Obi. 25. Law and order. = finish. ) { WordPower I Solutions - Quick Fire 26. Wrner and author. 27. Man. 28. Demon seaman. 29. Compromise. 30. Secondary. 31.

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