Christoph Scheerer (previously Wisnewski)'s Play 1...Nc6!: A complete chess opening repertoire for Black PDF

By Christoph Scheerer (previously Wisnewski)

During this unique booklet, Christoph Wisnewski, who's well known for his leading edge and adventurous starting principles, presents the reader with an bold and all-encompassing repertoire for Black opposed to each major line starting that White can play, according to the preliminary circulate 1...Nc6. The significant elements of this black repertoire are the uncompromising Chigorin Defence, a long-time favorite of the intense Russian Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich, and the both tough Nimzowitsch Defence, endorsed by means of Britain’s first ever Grandmaster, Tony Miles.

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Matamoros Franco, Seville 2000, ... b1) I played 12 . , after which the only variation to be considered is 13 . Vxa7 'ifxb2 (the best try: 14 ... d1 ?? runs into 15 'iVa8+ �d7 16 'ti'a4+ and wins; 14 ... e5? obviously fails to 15 'i'a8+ c;t>d7 16 lt:Jc3 followed by 'ir'x£8; while 14 .. J::td6, planning .. Va8+ �d7 16 '1i'xf8 'ii'x a1 1 7 'iVxg7 is no good, since after 1 7... lt::lf 6! fd1?! 43 Play 1 . liJ c 6 ! xd1+ We6 19 'ii'xf8 c6! 20 h3 'it>f6 21 �d3 'ii'c l + 22 'it>h2 'ii'f4+ and a draw was agreed.

After 9 'iVe6 lL:Ib6 10 l21f3 'iVd5 Black has nothing to worry about, while 9 'iVe4 allows 9 ... e5! 10 fxe5 fxe5 1 e4 tb c 6 2 d4 d 5 3 e 5 f6 11 dxe5 'it'a5+ 12 lbc3 'it'xe5 with equal­ ity. c) 5 lLlf3 tries to force Black into an inferior position with 5 ... e6, but again Black can play 5 ... i.. g7 1 1 c3 (11 l:te1 does not disturb Black's development as 1 1 . kxe7 is countered by 12 . ka4! Vxc2) 1 1 . tf4 c6 and Black will have no problems enforcing . . e7-e5. s ... ltd3 10 h6 Not 10 ... 0-0?!

E6?! is too tame. t>b8 17 tt:le5 tt:lxe5 1 8 dxe5 lL'lc8, and now 19 c5! would have given White a huge advan­ tage. xf3 'iib5 has been suggested by Wahls, but the sim­ ple 9 tt:lc3! Baci, correspondence 2000, which continued 9 .. ltxe4 'ifc3 12 'iff3! 'if'c4 (12 ... l:tab1 g6 14 �xb7! Ib1 and Black resigned as mate is unavoidable. Minasian, Ubeda 2001, which continued 9 ... Id7 14 'ii'xg4? txh2+! xe3 �xd2 and Black even gained the upper hand. s es!? 47 Play 1 . lb c 6 ! . fd1 and White had a commanding position.

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