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By Andrew Greet

The Queen’s Indian is a dynamic and versatile strategy to meet 1 d4, and it results in complicated and complicated positions wealthy in rules either side. Such is the excessive regard for the Queen’s Indian that just about all of the world’s most sensible avid gamers have applied it at one time or another.In this booklet Andrew Greet provides an entire repertoire for Black. He unearths his secrets and techniques, deals solutions opposed to all of White’s probabilities, and highlights the crucial tactical and positional plans. This publication tells you every little thing you must understand to play the Queen’s Indian with self belief.

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M a in L i n e 1 : Q u e e n s ide Kn ig h t- 3 lbc3 c5! ixg7 'it>xg7 17 lbds es 18 Cbxf6 'ii'xf6 19 'Db3 Leko chooses a different retreat to Karjakin. e6 23 lbxas! would have finished Carl­ sen off. Vxh4 is good for White. d8+ 31 �e1 'lt>gs Black's active king and control of the only open file compensate for the pawn deficit. h2 Yz-Yz I was surprised to find that this d6pawn sacrifice is quite viable. In my opinion, Black has enough for the pawn, and I could recommend this way of playing the Dragon if you are aiming for a draw.

D4 f6 My favourite move appears again. This pawn blunts the white bishop and prepares central expansion with initia­ tive. e3 I prefer Black's pressure on the light squares to White's on the dark squares. l:txas tt:Jxc3 24 tt:Jcs i.. xc3 The Benko-style attack is completed and the queenside pawns are won. The question now is, can Black win this op­ posite-colour bishop early endgame? Whatever the outcome, the opening has been a complete success for the Sniper Sacrifice. g4 which will contribute to a major weak­ ening of the white king.

Short is happy with the extra material. Je3 Black has full compensation for the two units sacrificed. The initiative, an excellent placement for the knight and the potential pressure from the Sniper bishop offer superb compensation and a lot more fun. If this is the best White can get from playing 10 'iiib l, then it has to join the potato peelings on the compost heap. ih6! The Sniper bishop shows its versatil­ ity and changes its line of sight, eyeing up the c1-rook. id7 Black secures a small advantage.

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