Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain. Volume Two: A Survey by Kenneth Dean, ZHENG Zhenman PDF

By Kenneth Dean, ZHENG Zhenman

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Each year on lunar 1/9 and 1/16, a large scale ritual is held to celebrate the birth of the Jade Emperor. This ritual is organized by the representatives of the thirty-six villages on the temple management committee. In former times, whenever there was a drought, the thirty-six villages of the alliance would hold rites to pray for rain 祈雨 and to “request the dipper 请斗”. Currently, although the praying for rain ritual has been discontinued, the eighteen villages of the Lower Alliance still take turns to conduct the “request the dipper” rites.

In addition to the survey data, entries have been added on village temples from two sources. These are the draft edition of the Putianxian zongjiaozhi, which includes a list of Buddhist temples and monasteries which has been used to supplement the survey, as some of these structures are located outside the villages and were difficult to find. A second set of supplementary temples was drawn from survey data prepared for the local Religious Affairs Bureau by the Three in One movement (Sanyijiao diaocha baogao, 1992), which lists all Three in One temples (including minor shrines that are easily overlooked) along with an estimate of the numbers of initiates.

The survey located some nineteen villages currently organized into five ritual alliances (A043–47). The part of Hepuli 合浦里 at the very end of the Mulan irrigation system contained only two villages in the mid-Qing, namely Nantian 南田 and Hushi 笏石. The survey located twenty-seven villages currently organized into two large ritual alliances (A050–051), one of which includes the town of Hushi. 2. The Northern irrigated plain: irrigation, higher order temples, and sub-cantons The northern irrigated plain lies to the north of the Mulan river.

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