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By Michael Elsohn Ross

The unusual and infrequently funny creations of René Magritte, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, and different surrealists are showcased during this job advisor for younger artists. preferable one of the surrealists, Salvador Dalí was once a painter, filmmaker, clothier, functionality artist, and kooky self-promoter. His recognized icons, together with the melting watches, double pictures, and daily gadgets set in unusual contexts, helped to outline the best way humans view truth and inspire young children to view the realm in new methods. Dalí’s debatable existence is explored whereas teenagers hint the roots of a few wide-spread glossy pictures. those wild and beautiful actions contain making guy Ray–inspired sun prints, filming a Dali-esque dreamscape video, writing surrealist poetry, making collages, and assembling paintings with stumbled on gadgets.

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