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By Phil Masters

Sinbad the Sailor offers a retelling of the tales of the main recognized adventurer from a thousand and One Arabian Nights, with further details overlaying the heritage of the tales and the age during which they're set.
Stories say that during the age of the Caliph Haroun al-Rashid, within the port urban of Basra, there lived a prosperous guy named Sinbad the Sailor. Sinbad had nice stories to inform, of the seven voyages on which he received his fortune, of the strangeness and terror he encountered alongside the best way, of massive monsters and weird humans, and of storms at sea and lands past the horizon.

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I could not sleep for fear of pursuing cannibals, but rose in the middle of the night and continued on my way. And so I continued for seven days and seven nights, trudging ever onwards across the plains in the midst of the island and scavenging just enough food to avoid starvation. On the eighth day, though, I saw something ahead of me. For a moment I paused, fearing that I would find yet another danger, but I soon saw that this was a group of civilized-looking men, gathering peppercorns. I approached carefully, and when they saw me, they surrounded me, asking who I was and how I came there.

When Polyphemus calls for help, his fellow cyclopes ask who has hurt him, and laugh when Polyphemus says ‘Nobody’. The next morning, Polyphemus lets his sheep out to graze, sitting in the cave-mouth and feeling their backs to make sure that the humans aren’t slipping out with them. But Odysseus and his men tie themselves under the sheep, and so escape to their ship. However, Odysseus cannot resist taunting the giant, who hurls huge rocks towards the sound of his voice, nearly sinking the ship. Other, fainter echoes of Homer, and of other classical tales, also appear in Sinbad’s stories; for example, the crewmen drugged by cannibals might recall Odysseus’s encounter with the lotus-eaters, while a predecessor of the roc appears in the Roman writer Lucian’s True History.

After several of them have been killed and eaten, the travellers escape after blinding the giant with a pair of its own spits, which they first make red hot in the cooking fire. By his own account, Sinbad, now an experienced adventurer, takes charge during this incident. Stealth is essential; only by attacking unexpectedly and simultaneously are the humans able to blind the giant and make any kind of escape from the island. This depiction of The Man-Eating Giant by aRu-Mor is much more faithful to the story.

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