Harry Smith; Royal Society (Great Britain); et al's The activities of bacterial pathogens in vivo : based on PDF

By Harry Smith; Royal Society (Great Britain); et al

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Read or Download The activities of bacterial pathogens in vivo : based on contributions to a Royal Society discussion meeting, London, UK : meeting held on 20-21 October 1999 PDF

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A. Cole, M. J. Gill, N. J. Parsons C. W . P e n n a n d E. Yates for critical reading of t h e manuscript. REFERENCES Abu-Kwaik, Y. & Pedersen, L. L. 1996 The use of differential display-PCR to isolate and characterize a Legionella pneumophila locus induced during intracellular infection of macrophages. Mol. Microbiol. 2 1 , 543-556. Ahmed, Z. , Sarker, M. R. & Sack, D. A. 1990 Protection of adult rabbits and monkeys from lethal shigellosis by oral immunization with thymine requiring and sensitive mutants of Shigella flexneri.

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